Wedding Dress Painting – Original Traditional Art

Short description of the product


After many hours of research and often numerous appointments at bridal boutiques, you have finally found your dream wedding dress. You only get to wear it for one day and you would like to preserve its beauty through original artwork that can be displayed in your home and cherished for years and generations to come. I will capture all the intricate details that you have fallen in love with when choosing your dress. The painting of your wedding dress is created using mixed media – from a delicate pencil sketch, through washes of dark and white inks and can be finished off with a touch of watercolour and gouache paint for a subtle touch of colour. We will discuss your requirements and a rough sketch will be provided first before moving on to creating the final piece.
Please allow up to a week for the initial sketch and 2-3 weeks for the creation of the final piece.
Talk about the frame here?
Step one – An order is placed. Step two – Reference photographs are supplied. Step three – A rough sketch is created by Daria and reviewed by the client. Step four – Work on the final piece begins. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the completion. Step five – Your original artwork is carefully packaged and shipped to you.